Labidochromis caeruleus from Chirombo Point to Charo (Malawi) / from Cap Kaiser (Tanzania) to Londo (Mozambique)
Labidochromis sp."caeruleus chilucha"   Chilucha reef
Labidochromis chisumulae   Chizumulu island
Labidochromis sp."chisumulae mbweca"   Mbweca (Tanzania)
Labidochromis flavigulis   Chizumulu island
Labidochromis freibergi   Likoma island
Labidochromis gigas  

Likoma island

Labidochromis sp."gigas chidunga"   Chidunga reef
Labidochromis sp."gigas chilumba"   Chirwa island / Katale island / from Chilumba to Chirwa
Labidochromis sp."gigas cobue"   Cobwe / Mara Point / Mbweca (Mozambique)
Labidochromis sp."gigas lumpigu"   Lupingu
Labidochromis sp."gigas mara"   Mara rock
Labidochromis sp."gigas pombo"   Pombo rock (Tanzania)
Labidochromis heterodon   Boadzulu island
Labidochromis ianthinus   Mbenji islands / Nkhomo reef and Jalo reef
Labidochromis lividus   Likoma island (North and West of the island)
Labidochromis sp."lividus mozambique"   Londo / Cobwe / Metangula / Chilucha reef (Mozambique)
Labidochromis sp."lividus nkhungu"   N'kolongwe / Nkhungu Point (Mozambique)
Labidochromis maculicauda   North of the lake
Labidochromis mbenjii   Mbenji islands
Labidochromis mylodon   Mumbo island (Malawi)
Labidochromis pallidus   Maleri island / Thumbi West island
Labidochromis shiranus   South of the lake and Shire river (Mangochi)
Labidochromis strigatus   Chizumulu island
Labidochromis textilis   from Undu reef (Tanzania) to Metangula (Mozambique)
Labidochromis sp."textilis blue"   from Metangula to Thundu (Mozambique)
Labidochromis sp."textilis cobalt"   from Lumessi to Meponda (Mozambique)
Labidochromis vellicans   South of the lake
Labidochromis zebroides   Masimbwe island
Labidochromis sp."blue bar"   Namalenje island
Labidochromis sp."hongi" Hongi island, Lundo island, Mbamba Bay island and Undu reef
Labidochromis sp."hora"   from Hora Nhango to Mbowe island (Malawi)
Labidochromis sp."likomae"   Likoma island
Labidochromis sp."lundu blue"   Lundu (Tanzania)
Labidochromis sp."mara"   Mara Point (Mozambique)
Labidochromis sp."mbamba"   Mbamba Bay (Tanzania)
Labidochromis sp."perlmutt" Higga reef / Mbamba Bay island / coast from Mbamba Bay to Chuwa (Tanzania)
Labidochromis sp."zebra eastern"   from Lumessi (Mozambique) to Masinje (Malawi)