Melanochromis auratus

  from Jalo reef to Crocodîle Rock (Malawi)
Melanochromis sp."auratus elongate"   Chilucha reef / from Metangula to Nkhungu reef (Mozambique)
Melanochromis baliodigma   from Tumbi Point (Mozambique) to Makanjila Point (Malawi) / Chizumulu island
Melanochromis brevis   South of the lake
Melanochromis chipokae   Chidunga rock / Mumbo island , Thumbi West island, Nakantega island and Mbenji islands (Malawi)
Melanochromis cyaneorhabdos North of Likoma island (Maingano island)
Melanochromis dialeptos  

Masinje (Malawi)

Melanochromis interruptus Chizumulu island / Likoma island , Thumbi West island and Nkhata bay
Melanochromis joanjohnsonae   Likoma island
Melanochromis johanni from Makanjila point (Malawi) to Chuanga (Mozambique)
Melanochromis labrosus   present in the whole lake
Melanochromis lepidiadaptes   Makanjila Point (Malawi)
Melanochromis melanopterus   present in the whole lake
Melanochromis parallelus   from Kande island to mpanga rock (Malawi) / from Mara Point (Mozambique) to Lutura reef (Tanzania) / Likoma island and Chizumulu island
Melanochromis perileucos   South of Likoma island
Melanochromis robustus   present in the whole lake
Melanochromis sp."robustus mbenji"   Mbenji islands
Melanochromis simulans   from Gome (Malawi) to Nkhungu (Mozambique)
Melanochromis vermivorus   from Jalo reef to Monkey Bay and all islands and reefs of this zone
Melanochromis sp."brown"   Chinyankwazi island and Chinyamwezi island
Melanochromis sp."northern blue"   from Nkanda to Lupingu (Tanzania)