Tropheops gracilior


cap Maclear / from Monkey Bay to Nkhudzi (Malawi)

Tropheops lucerna   present in the whole lake except North of Ruhuhu river
Tropheops sp."lucerna blue aggressive"   Chitande island
Tropheops sp."lucerna blue cobalt"   Likoma island and Chizumulu island
Tropheops sp."lucerna blue mozambique"   Chuanga, Metangula (Mozambique)
Tropheops sp."lucerna blue tanzania"   Njambe, Puulu (Tanzania), Chiwindi (Mozambique)
Tropheops sp."lucerna brown chia"   Chia Lagoon (Malawi)
Tropheops sp."lucerna fin spot"   Likoma island
Tropheops macrophthalmus   East coast / from Mdoka to Chirwa island (Malawi)
Tropheops sp."macrophthalmus chitimba"   Chitimba bay (Malawi)
Tropheops microstoma   from Monkey Bay to Otter Point (Malawi)
Tropheops novemfasciatus   South coast of Monkey Bay (Malawi)
Tropheops romandi   Thumbi West island
Tropheops tropheops   peninsula of Nankhumba and neighbouring islands / Maleri islands
Tropheops sp."aurora"   from Lundu to Mbamba Bay (Tanzania)
Tropheops sp."band"   Nkhata Bay (Malawi)
Tropheops sp."black"   North of the lake
Tropheops sp."black dorsal"   from Ngara to Nkhata Bay (Malawi)
Tropheops sp."boadzulu"   Boadzulu island
Tropheops sp."broad mouth"   South of the lake
Tropheops sp."chilumba"   from Mdoka to Chirwa island (Malawi)
Tropheops sp."chilumba type"   Chiwindi and Wikihi (Mozambique)
Tropheops sp."chinyamwesi"   chinyamwesi island
Tropheops sp."chinyankwazi"   chinyankwazi island
Tropheops sp."chitimba"   Chitimba bay (Malawi)
Tropheops sp."dark"   Likoma island
Tropheops sp."deep"   Nkhata Bay (Malawi)
Tropheops sp."goldbreast"   from Liutche to Londo / Tumbi Point (Mozambique)
Tropheops sp."gold otter"   Otter island , Cap Maclear (Malawi)
Tropheops sp."gome yellow"   from Gome (Malawi) to Nkolongwe (Mozambique)
Tropheops sp."higga"   Higga reef and Mbamba Bay reef (Tanzania)
Tropheops sp."lilac"   South of the lake
Tropheops sp."lumessi blue"   Lumessi, Meponda (Mozambique)
Tropheops sp."maleri blue"   Maleri islands
Tropheops sp."maleri yellow"   Maleri islands
Tropheops sp."mauve"   from Kande island to Ngara (Malawi) / from Lupingu to Pombo reef (Tanzania)
Tropheops sp."mauve yellow"   Magunga (Tanzania)
Tropheops sp."mbenji blue"   Mbenji islands
Tropheops sp."mbenji yellow"   Mbenji islands
Tropheops sp."membe"   from Mara Point to Tumbi Point (Mozambique) / Likoma island
Tropheops sp."mumbo"   Mumbo island
Tropheops sp."olive"   from Mdoka to Kande island (Malawi) / from Kirondo to Manda (Tanzania)
Tropheops sp."red cheek" from Cap Kaiser to Ikombe (Tanzania) / Likoma island and Chizumulu island / Tsano rock
Tropheops sp."red fin"   from Hora Mhango to Mara rock (Malawi) / from Ruhuhu river (Tanzania) to Lumbaulo (Mozambique)
Tropheops sp."rust"   from Nkhata Bay to Cap Manulo (Malawi) / from Manda to Lupingu (Tanzania)
Tropheops sp."sand"   from Undu reef (Tanzania) to Wikihi (Mozambique)
Tropheops sp."sand blackfin"   north of Ruhuhu river
Tropheops sp."taiwan"   Taiwan reef
Tropheops sp."weed"   from Usisya to Ngara (Malawi) / from Lundo island (Tanzania) to Cobwe (Mozambique)
Tropheops sp."yellow chin"   Likoma island and Chizumulu island / from Njambe (Tanzania) to Ntumba (Mozambique)
Tropheops sp."yellow gular"   from Tumbi Point (Mozambique) to Chimwalani reef (Malawi)